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Meet The Chef
Meet The Chef

Chef Riyaz Ahmed

Chef Riyaz Ahmed is a master at creating magic in the kitchen and is a master chef at JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa. With over two decades of rich experience in the hospitality industry, Chef Riyaz's food is nothing short of transcending and exhibits his culinary skills by bringing culture and history right to your plate

His experience in the culinary field ranges over a span of more than two decades but is a passion for food has lasted even longer. Being the fourth generation from his family in this field, the wisdom and the secret recipes passed down in his family is what make him the very best in Awadhi cuisine. He insists on grinding the masalas used in the food as he believes that he must create the most authentic cuisine that is so widely made.

History plays a substantial role in the experience that is offered at Aaleeshan and some of the recipes that Chef Riyaz Uses dates back to over a century ago. He aims to tell a story with every flavor he has to offer and every dish should be cinematic enough to evoke memories for all guest to be distinctive in a cuisine that is so widely made