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Aaleeshan Secret Recipe

The concept of the ‘Khansama' can be traced back to Awadh - that glittering center piece of cultural and culinary revolution in the post-Mughal era. The Nawabi preoccupation with food and the exalted status enjoyed by cooks in their kitchens is therein well documented. One such Khansama was a very gifted yet very humble man who served the Nawabs of Lucknow for over a decade. Anyone who tasted his exquisite food fell under his spell; he was known as a man of rare and unusual culinary talent. No other Khansama in Lucknow could compare. He once crafted his own recipe and made a special meal for the Nawab, who had returned after a great victory. The spread, when presented to the Nawab, was accompanied by a note from the Khansama expressing his pride at the victory and his desire the pay tribute by means of these unique curations made in his ruler's honour. The Nawab was so elated with the spread and delicacies that he gifted the royal chef the grinding stone from the palace's kitchen, a rare honour indeed. This stone, bearing the legacy of generations, was passed down from father to son until it was lost in the annals of history. Our passionate team learned of this culinary legend and commenced on a quest to locate this artefact of wonder. We were successful in this endeavor and today this gem occupies a place of pride in Aaleeshan - a reminder of our pride in traditions and our commitment to retaining the legacy of the past…